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Lorde Have No Mercy

You are killin’ it Lorde.

I’ve been listening to this album since the end of summer 2013.

It spoke to me since the first song. I cannot wait till her second album. She is my all time favorite.

I don’t care how mainstream she becomes.


P.S. Bravado and Buzzcut Season are my favorites… and she’s 17 years old.


Love This!!

With her cow ring and everything.

And of course…. Joseph Gordon Levitt… no description necessary.

Dear UAPD, I sincerely hate you…

I’ve been wanting to write an open letter to the University of Arizona Police Department for quite some time now. I actually wrote a draft a couple weeks ago after a couple glasses of wine. Revising is highly suggested…
Anyways, I myself have had a lot of conflict with the UAPD for many reasons and I will share my letter with you soon.

Until then here is a video of a Tucson police officer slamming this girl really f***ing hard into a bench.

They really don’t care about hurting women. I myself was arrested once and was released with vain popping bruising from my stomach to my thigh.

Girl I feel for you!

Not cool 5-O.

All Hail the Queen

The wardrobe for this video is impeccable. Absolutely stunning. She’s so gorgeous it hurts!


Fuck Shit Up

by Wingnut Dishwashers Union

…bet you guys didn’t know about this one.

Future Islands – Balance

This song is wonderful. This band is one of my favorites.