Lightning in a Bottle Festival

by Planet Embla


There were so many captivating moments at Lightning in a Bottle. The long weekend had been anticipated for a year and it was hard to recognize the last 4 days weren’t a dream . I was searching for words on the drive back to Los Angeles. The music was breathtaking, the energy was freeing and the people were kind. Here is the official trailer if you aren’t sure what LIB is (:

I hope to go to LIB every year in the future. And Burning Man, and every other burner festival out there! The experience grew on me (hence the dread lock in the back of the head) in more ways than I thought. I found myself talking, sharing, dancing, eating and drinking with strangers. We never had phones, but always found each other again by miracle in the gigantic dried up lake that is now dust. There were hammocks in trees, cooking classes and moroccan style tea tents. The music, yoga, meditations, speakers and vendors never stopped and we said goodbye to the Sun every night. It was truly a celebration of life.

I hope many of you get to experience Lightning in a Bottle ❤