Deporting The Biebs or Deporting Intelligence?

by Planet Embla

So I knew that there was this petition to deport Justin Bieber and strip him of his Green Card, but I thought it was maybe just on or something. 

I found out tonight that this petition is located on the actual White House website. I cannot wrap my head around this! I am truly offended that the White House allowed this petition to take place in the first place. I thought this was a bad joke! I bet half of these signatures are from people who have never even stepped foot in a voting booth (other wise they would most likely have their voting priorities straight), and the other half is just boys who passionately view Bieber as “gay” or a “total faggot.” 

Well I passionately think we becoming dumber as we speak. (I feel especially so writing this post).

How about petitioning congress for more important things this country needs?! Like fighting gay marriage bans or raising minimum wages? Or maybe even something more cliche like ending the war? Im desperate here!

I am so sad that America cares so much about a pop star (that they and the media created). How will our lives change exactly with Justin Bieber back in Canada?


Excuse my poor writing in this post. I couldn’t concentrate on good diction while writing about something so idiotic.