Being an Extrovert

by Planet Embla

One thing that I have noticed throughout my life, (well since I became of age) is that people often misinterpret my outgoingness as flirting. Now this can be extremely exhausting, especially when the person gets offended when they realize I am in fact not flirting. I just enjoy talking to strangers.

I am not an “awkward” person. I actually really dislike that word. There is no need to be awkward. Ever. Unless someone just sharted in front of you, I doubt the situation was awkward. But the worst is when someone goes “Well this is awkward!” God damn, well now it’s awkward because you said that so blatantly instead of making a joke and moving onto the next.

Anyways! Back to flirting when I’m not flirting. This may seem like a pretty girls problem, but hey it’s rough. It gets tiring when your boyfriend (and all your ex’s) think you are flirting with his friends or strangers you meet just because you are being nice and asking questions about their lives.

My momma raised me well. No matter what you look like, (but not smell like) I will be kind and spark up a conversation with you.

You’ll know when I’m flirting, unless you are completely clueless. And in that case, I’ll tell you (;