The Best Days of My Life.

by Planet Embla

I thought I would always remember the summer of 2011 like it was yesterday. Truth is, a lot of those memories are starting to slip away, and it scares me.

I went to Zambia with a small group from my high school. We taught English at local schools, volunteered at an AIDS hospice and spent two weeks camping in the wild unknown. The trip changed my life and overall perspective of happiness.

I think that “happiness” means different things in different countries. As messed up as that sounds…

Happiness in Zambia meant letting this strange white girl teach you English, or play soccer with rolled up socks.

I noticed a big difference between America and Zambia. In America we like to take. Im Zambia, they love to give.


This photo was taken walking back to our camp. The children ran up to us like we were royalty. I told them to make a silly face and they loved to get silly.